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I offer individual coaching, group coaching and workshops on Mindfulness and Personal Leadership.

It's not uncommon for people to feel curious about coaching, but to feel a bit confused about whether or not coaching is for them. Check out my FAQ section where I answer some common questions about coaching.

One-on-One Coaching

One-on-one individual coaching is available in 4, 8 and 12-session segments. I also offer single sessions for former clients. Single sessions are priced at $150 per 45-minute session and are eligible for the discounted rates listed at the link below.

All prices listed here are in USD. I offer some discounted coaching programs and special rates for US Foreign Service and Military Families and occasionally offer seasonal specials. All sessions are conducted via Skype, FaceTime or phone. I occasionally do in-person sessions for clients who live in my area (currently Tokyo).

4-Sessions - Four, 45-minute coaching sessions on the topic of your choosing or my Mantra Builder Program. $500

8-Sessions - Eight, 45-minute coaching sessions on the topic of your choosing. FREE 30-minute, initial consult required. Common coaching topics include: Maintaining relationship balance in the expat life, getting off the reinvention roller coaster, reducing stress, worry and anxiety, and living with a sense of purpose. All coaching sessions must be completed within 16 weeks of the initial start date. $900

12-Sessions - Twelve, 45-minute coaching sessions on the topic of your choosing. FREE 30-minute, initial consult required. Common topics are similar to those above. Individuals often choose this if they're anticipating a number of ongoing personal or professional challenges or transitions over the course of the year. The first 8 sessions must be completed within the first 16 weeks of registration. The final 4 sessions must be completed within a year of your initial registration date. $1200

Group Coaching

4-Session Mantra Builder Group - My Mantra Builder groups have the unique ability to allow you to receive not only the benefit of individual coaching, but the support of a community of individuals facing similar challenges, interests or desires. Mantra Builder groups are offered virtually (from anywhere) or in-person (in the Tokyo-area). CLICK HERE to learn about the currently scheduled virtual and in-person groups.

Interactive Seminars

Understanding the Habits of Heart and Mind - Perfect for small groups. In this interactive seminar you will learn basic mindfulness skills for better understanding your thought and emotional habits. The tools presented are designed to help you address stress through conscious, non-judgmental awareness and attention to what is happening in the moment. CLICK HERE.

Personal Leadership - Everyday Mindfulness Skills for Critical Moments - I am in the process of integrating the Personal Leadership model for intercultural communication into my coaching practice. I will be offering a number of workshops in the upcoming months and will add specifics as I have them. You can read more about PL here. Please contact me for inquiries about how I might offer this life-changing set of mindfulness tools to your group.


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