I have been a coach since I launched World Tree Coaching in November 2013. I currently hold the International Coach Federation’s Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential. I have a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Texas at Austin with a focus on Clinical Social Work and Conflict Resolution. I am a mindfulness teacher and work primarily through the Personal Leadership model (a mindfulness-based cross-cultural communication framework) in which I am a recognized Senior Facilitator. I have also been a clinical social worker (LCSW), a teacher, trainer and program coordinator.

I have worked with individuals who are experiencing the challenges of cross-cultural adaptation for over 15 years. I have worked with immigrants to the United States, students, trauma survivors, serial expats, diplomats and members of the military and their family members, and Peace Corps volunteers.
No. Like a therapist I listen openly and with full presence, provide non-judgmental support and offer a space that fosters exploration, reflection and creativity. However, as a coach I also support you in reaching your goals as you define them, offer honest feedback, assign homework and invite you to step into areas where new growth can happen.

Unlike a therapist, I do not provide mental health assessment, diagnosis or treatment. I do not treat or assess substance abuse issues, provide crisis intervention or domestic violence counselling. I do not provide services related to long-term personal or family-of-origin issues. In the event that I feel you could benefit from any of the above services or from more traditional, long-term therapy, I will let you know and make every attempt to make the appropriate referral.
Above all else, you can expect an open-minded, non-judgmental space to be yourself. It is not my job to tell you what to do or how to feel. My job is to listen, help you consider your options, provide feedback and support you in better understanding what may, or may not, be keeping you from living your life the way you truly want to. I will help you to make clear, concrete goals that will get you closer to finding your new normal.

A significant portion of my coaching practice is based on the concepts of mindfulness. To that end, much of my work is dedicated to helping my clients build a better foundation for understanding their thought and emotional patterns, raising awareness of and insight around those patterns and developing strategies for using that awareness for a more fulfilling daily life.

You can expect to benefit from the following advantages of my background and experience:

  • I understand the expat experience first-hand and have personally faced many of the issues you may be facing.
  • I am experienced in supporting people in high-stress situations.
  • My experience as a teacher and trainer enables me to present ideas in a way that is clear, concise and helpful regardless of your background.
  • As an expat myself, I recognize the importance of having a support network that is constant. With the advantages of the internet I can meet with you wherever you are, including before, during and after an international move and even for follow-up as you face on-going transitions.
What you choose to focus on depends on where you are in your life and what you feel you’d most like to accomplish through coaching, but the simple answer to this question is – whatever you want!
You might choose to focus on:

  • Learning how to apply the insight you’ve gained from living abroad into other areas of your life
  • Gaining confidence in recognizing and promoting the skills you’ve acquired from living a globally mobile life
  • Planning and preparing for what you want to get out of your international experience
  • Developing strategies for overcoming common fears and anxieties related to living overseas
  • Making plans for maintaining relationships (at home and abroad)
  • Creating a personal toolbox for your next transition and beyond
  • Learning ways to cope with culture shock and re-entry
  • Finding ways to get over the moving rut
  • Expanding your definition of You
  • Developing better strategies for your ever-changing normal
  • Exploring ways to engage deeply with others and build community
  • Creating better balance between "here" and "there"
  • Finding a sense of home (no matter where you go)
My programs in mindfulness and Personal Leadership® are the ideal fit for organizations who want to support their team members in developing strategies for stress-reduction, personal awareness and insight, work-life balance, team-building, and intergroup and intercultural communication.

My programs are creative, fun, dynamic and highly personalized (I meet with you beforehand so we can determine the best fit for your team). I offer a relaxed and intimate space where participants are given the opportunity to be honest, open and completely themselves. I can work with your team members individually or in groups in programs ranging from one-hour single session workshops to 12-week intensive, multi-session programs. More information on these programs is available here.
First, you should take a look at my Work With Me section and see which coaching package fits your needs. When you’re ready to move forward, you can either email me or schedule a free initial consult.
All fees are in US dollars and I accept credit card, debit card or PayPal. Prices for self-pay coaching clients and specific community workshops and programs are included in the descriptions of each program. For information about corporate/organizational rates and custom workshops, please email me regarding my fee schedule.
I try to maintain a wide range of availability, including some evening and occasional weekend hours. I am almost always able to accommodate clients all over the world. I use a highly adaptive online scheduling system that allows you to enter your own time zone and see my schedule as it will look to you (e.g. what time it is wherever you are). If we have trouble finding a time that works for both of us, we will work out the kinks together.
Probably. I work primarily with people facing major transitions and because of my own experiences and background, that often means expats, soon-to-be expats, recovering expats and immigrants. If you’re facing transition in your life and you like what you see here, but you’re not sure if coaching would be right for you, please feel free to contact me to discuss your options further.

About Coaching

Coaching is a professional relationship between two individuals. In the coaching relationship, the coach and client (sometimes called the coachee) work together in an environment of creativity, openness, non-judgement, curiosity and responsibility. The coach helps to protect and provide a space for the client to think outside the box, to consider something he or she has not previously considered and to access his or her own, unique abilities. Coaching is the conversations, the development and the growth that happen in this space.
Almost anyone could seek out coaching. In my practice, clients come to me ready to work. They are typically high-functioning, reflective, creative and passionate. Most of the time my clients have already done a lot of personal work – they value personal growth and have already made, or have tried to make, steps toward their ideal life.
There are probably as many different answers to this question as there are coaches. However, I believe that the best coaches adhere to a set of guiding principles that focus on the strengths of the client and their inner ability to discover and live the life they want. I believe that the best coaches recognize the endless possibilities that await their clients when they choose to live life on purpose every day.
Yes. The International Coach Federation sets the Code of Ethics.
International Coach Federation
All members of the ICF and coaches certified through the ICF pledge to adhere to these guidelines. The Code of Ethics is quite lengthy so I do not include it in its entirety here, but you can read it here.
I am credentialed by the International Coach Federation as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC). I am also member of the International Coach Federation and I am a graduate of the Coach U Core Essentials Program.
International Coach Federation