My honest opinion, total truth - everyone should work with a coach. Coaching is an incredible opportunity we give ourselves - an opportunity to have a space completely dedicated to finding out what's working in our lives, understanding what's not going quite the way we'd like and creating a plan for getting through all the muck to new insights, growth and opportunities. It's heart work. The real stuff. And the results can be life-changing.

I recognize this is easy for me to say. I've learned so much from the work I've done with the coaches I've had over the years and I adore my work and the wonderful, wonderful people I get to support every day. I like to think of coaching as a gift. Right now - I'm thinking it makes a pretty nice Valentine's Day gift. For you. From yourself.

This Valentine's Day - I'd like to help erase the barriers that keep you from saying "yes" to working with a coach.

I'm delighted to be offering "VALENTINE'S TOP-UPS."

From February 14-21 choose one of the following when you register for one of the programs below:

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