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  Everyday Mindfulness Programs for the Real World
Are you thinking, “There’s got to be a better way?” 

My mindfulness programs are taught using the Personal Leadership model – a cross-cultural communication framework that teaches globally mobile people practical, accessible mindfulness skills they can use every day in the real world. In an increasingly complex world, we need more people dedicated to connecting inside and out.  

With my Mindfulness and Personal Leadership Programs you will:

Gain a clear understanding of what mindfulness is.

Mindfulness is the practice of learning to non-judgmentally turn towards our thoughts, emotions and physical sensations so that you can better connect to the world as it is.

Mindfulness teaches us how we can lead from within and enables us to meet ourselves and those around us where we’re at – honestly and gently – while also holding ourselves, and others, accountable for making positive change.

I believe that mindfulness is accessible to all of us and that it does not have to be woo-woo or only available to the most calm among us. Whether you’re running a business or teaching a class – practical, accessible skills at the intersection of leadership and mindfulness are completely within your grasp.

My programs teach everyday mindfulness skills that go with you even through transition and challenge.

Learn how to apply the Personal Leadership (PL) framework.

Personal Leadership is a cross-cultural communication framework especially designed to support people living and working between cultures. 

Personal Leadership is guided by two principles (Mindfulness and Creativity)  and the belief that when we learn to pay attention to our experiences we gain information that helps us better navigate culturally complex situations.

Through PL you will learn 6 practical, everyday mindfulness practices and develop strategies for how to apply those practices in your daily life.

Access practical tools for everyday life.

What I most love about the Personal Leadership framework is that the tools you receive are easy to learn and understand regardless of your background. 

The practice of mindfulness takes attention and intention, but developing an understanding of the practice and learning tools you can begin to use right away is not rocket science. In fact, I believe all of us have everything we ned to begin to live more mindfully right now.

My approach is to meet you exactly where you’re at, to remind you that you have everything you need and then to provide you with tools you’ll feel confident you can put to use on your own.

See that mindfulness can be more than just meditation.

I often surprise my clients and program participants when I tell them that mindfulness practice is more than sitting on a cushion, legs crossed, eyes closed in meditation.

Meditation is a wonderful tool for cultivating mindfulness and it is an essential part of my own practice. However, it is not the only way to cultivate mindfulness in your life. Everyday mindfulness is about paying attention in our daily interactions so that we can better see what’s right before us. Everyday mindfulness involves connecting to ourselves and the other people in our lives with compassion, insight and reflection. 

So, even if you’re a meditation skeptic, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn to become more mindful. In fact, you may be surprised when you learn some of the many ways you’re practicing mindfulness already.

Know that you and your team are getting trained, professional support.

I specialize in working with individuals, small groups and medium-sized teams. I am a recognized Personal Leadership Senior Facilitator.

My training as both a clinical social worker and coach means I meet people non-judgmentally with encouragement and curiosity – exactly where they’re at.

I have over 15 years’ experience working with immigrants, expats, diplomats and individuals that support these groups as well as a combined 10 years of personal international experience.

More information about my personal background and professional experience is available on the About page.


"Jodi delivered an engaging, interactive session for our Lean In Circle. As busy professional, many of whom are also mothers, it was very useful to see the small ways we could observe our reactions. The session was practical, non-nonsense and accessible. I'd highly recommend Jodi to anyone!"

"Jodi's introductory workshop on the Personal Leadership method helped our international group of women professionals bring the concepts of mindfulness to the workplace. Jodi had a great way of explaining the concepts and introducing practical skills that appealed to all of us. Jodi is warm, enthusiastic, experienced and professional. It was a pleasure to work with her."

"Jodi is a natural teacher and presenter. She is engaging and thoughtful and is an excellent listener."

My Take on Mindfulness

I believe you’re closer to living more mindfully than you probably realize.

I believe that we are all born with the skills of mindfulness – to pay curious, deeply engaged attention to our experiences and to the world around us. My goal is to provide simple, accessible mindfulness skills that help my clients tune in to their emotions, thoughts, physical sensations and more. I want you to know how possible it is to live as your highest and best self.

I fundamentally believe that mindfulness does not have to be an all or nothing experience or that it has to be something lofty or vague. Whether we sit down for 30 minutes on a meditation cushion or practice taking 10 deep breathes through a racing heart, mindfulness is something we all need more of. It may not always be easy, but I know it can be made more simple. I’m dedicated to providing a fun, collaborative, practical and insight-building way to help you get there.

How It Works

Contact Me

I’d love to learn more about how I can support you, your team or your group in learning how to apply the practices of mindfulness. You can connect with me via my contact page or by scheduling a time to talk with me in person.


Choose a Program

I will meet with you and help you determine what type of programming most meets your needs. Once you’ve made a final decision, I’ll send you a contract and we’ll finalize dates and details.

See the Difference

Because the work I do is about providing practical, accessible mindfulness skills in a dynamic and collaborative program, you and your team members will immediately begin to see the results of applying what you’ve learned.

Finding Your Way: A 12-Week Mindfulness and Personal Leadership Program

This one-of-a-kind program is a complete Mindfulness and Personal Leadership® Foundations Program. This program offers you the opportunity to learn mindful communication skills through the Personal Leadership model. It is suitable for both personal and professional development.  The program is available in both virtual group and individual formats. Further program details are available on the program page

$245 – $495


Essential Practices for Life Between Worlds

This program is a completely self-paced, online learning course for individuals interested in an introduction to mindfulness, people who are looking to deepen an already existing practice or for those who would like to learn the basics of the Personal Leadership model. It’s suitable for both personal and professional development and provides an excellent opportunity for engaging an everyday mindfulness practice.. Enrollment opens twice yearly. Details are available here.


Globally Mindful Practice Community

The Globally Mindful Practice Community is a bimonthly, virtual meetup opportunity for individuals interested in deepening their mindfulness practice within a supportive environment. The group is open to people who are new to mindfulness practice as well as those seeking to deepen an existing practice. The group fee includes 6 virtual meetups over a three-month timeframe. Details and registration information is available here.


Custom Programming for Groups of Up to 20 Participants

I offer a wide range of custom programming for small groups and teams. Programs include both single-session presentations and more extensive workshops. Combined coaching and facilitation programs are also available. Contact me for details and fee schedule. 

Fees Vary

Pre-Scheduled Mindfulness Programs Throughout the Year

I periodically facilitate mindfulness and Personal Leadership programs throughout the year both in-person and virtually. If a program is coming up near you, details will be provided below. Join my mailing list to keep up to date on the latest programs. 

Fees Vary

Free Recorded Guided Mindfulness Meditations

I offer recorded guided mindfulness meditations you can access whenever you like from wherever you are. Read more about those recordings and listen to the audio files here.


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