Welcome to World Tree Coaching

Are you ready to find home, no matter where life takes you?

Individual Coaching

Work with me one-on-one to overcome challenges, nurture your roots and grow through self-awareness and insight. 

Mindfulness Training

Courses and workshops to help you access your inherent mindfulness, creativity and leadership .

What does World Tree Coaching do?

World Tree Coaching provides coaching and mindfulness training. While I work with individuals across a wide-array of experiences, my work is especially focused on supporting individuals living and working across cultures.

A deeply rooted belief in freedom and the importance of honoring each individual’s unique path with love and compassion is the foundation for the work I do. I believe in my clients – they are whole, capable and intelligent. My services meet each type of client exactly where they’re at.

My individual coaching services help you identify the the barriers that may be getting in the way of what’s next and support you in creating a path forward.  I provide personalized, nurturing and dedicated support so that you can deepen your roots and stretch your branches to new heights,

I also provide mindfulness courses for internationally-minded and culturally diverse groups and teams. My in-person and virtual group trainings help you, your group, or your team integrate mindfulness practices into culturally complex situations for better stress-management, interpersonal communication and personal and professional growth. 

How is World Tree Coaching different?

In this ever-changing world, where people are free to move across borders and timezones, World Tree Coaching helps you plant yourself anywhere you go.

World Tree Coaching blends together coaching, cross-cultural adjustment expertise, and mindfulness for global citizens. I create a unique, open, and honest experience for my clients no matter which avenue of support they choose.

I have a deeply-rooted belief in people and a love for helping others to thrive. I provide a nurturing and compassionate environment for growth. I am confident that my clients can learn to connect deeply with their inner knowledge while also stretching to learn new ways to thrive.

My Vision

To create a world where each person is reminded, every day, that they have everything they need to be exactly the person they want to be – no matter where life takes them.

My Mission

Nurturing people to blossom into their full potential.

What’s the process for working together?

It’s important to me that you know every step of the way what our work together will look like. It’s easy to get started and I’ll keep you informed at every stage. Take a look at this general outline to get a sense of what to expect.   

1. Choose the best support for your needs.

Take a look at my services and see which style of support might be the best fit for you. Contact me if you have any questions.

2. Schedule a consultation.

Use my online scheduler to schedule a time to talk more about your needs and how I can help you.

3. Complete your registration.

Complete your registration forms, make your secure payment and connect on Zoom for our online sessions. If you’re planning a training for your group, we’ll finalize our agreement and complete a contract.

4. Get started!

Individual coaching clients usually work with me for between 4 and 12 sessions. For group trainings or workshops, we’ll find a time that meets our respective schedules.

5. See lifelong changes.

My clients say the work they do in our sessions stays with them forever. In fact, I’ve often heard former clients say they hear my voice when facing an unexpected challenge. I tell my clients – “Once a client, always a client.” That means you’ll continue to see benefits forever. And, if you ever want a coaching boost, it’s easy to sign up again for additional services.


The Expat Activity Book

Download my e-book The Expat Activity Book. Twenty free personal development exercises to support your global life.

Mindfulness Meditations

Listen to my recorded, guided mindfulness meditations to support your meditation practices wherever you are.

Free Online Course

Make your goals more portable with my free Goal Setting for Globetrotters course! Everything you need straight to your inbox.

About Me

When hiring a coach it’s important to find someone with whom you can connect.

My personal values are centered in freedom, creativity, fun, connection, and community. I love working with people who share these values or are dedicated to bringing more of these values into their lives.

I enjoy supporting people in the process of living more from the heart. I truly believe that personal development is ongoing and that we are all a work in progress – it’s one of the most exciting things about being alive. Of course, I don’t have all the answers, but I do believe that together we help each other live more fully and more in-tune with what really matters.


“Jodi is a great listener. I really felt heard and that has been key to my trusting the coaching process. Jodi comes across as calm, accepting, and caring. I felt that she was there for me and had no interest in judging.”

N.B Age 36

“Choosing to work with Jodi was the best decision I made for myself this year. Jodi provided amazing insight and support. I am now feeling much more confident in my life decisions and excited about the future.”

 J.C. Foreign Service Officer

“You got me thinking about what I need in this lifestyle and gave me the tools to start making changes. I feel like my entire outlook on life has changed. You gave me the keys to unlock my own happiness. Thank you! 

Foreign Service Spouse

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