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What is the Globally Mindful Practice Community?

The Globally Mindful Practice Community concept is simple – to create a place where participants can share experiences, learn from each other and cultivate a sense of community around a common commitment to living mindfully. The group does not have a pre-set agenda nor specific learning objective beyond serving as a place for connection and insight. In that sense, the Globally Mindful Practice Community is not a course, but very much a place of practice.

Nonetheless, as the group facilitator, I will bring topics of conversation, ideas to consider or themes to guide us. Each group meeting will also include a guided meditation. Periodically, I will invite guest speakers with particular expertise or training in an area relevant to mindfulness practice. This may include short introductions to concepts from self-compassion training, compassion cultivation, mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), mindful-movement, or others. I aim to have guest speakers for 2-3 meetings over each three-month session.

You can learn more about my perspective on mindfulness practice and the foundations, training and background that guide my work here. More information about my personal and professional background is available here.

Who should join?

The group is open to individuals new to mindfulness practice and those who have been practicing for some time. In this group, we are all students

This group is about creating space to practice. If you are just at the beginning of learning about mindfulness, or even if you’re simply curious, you will find this group to be an open and safe place to ask questions and explore. 

If you have been practicing mindfulness for some time, this group will provide the space you’ve been looking for to create a community around your practice. You might call it a sangha, in the most basic sense of the word. It is a place to practice, to set aside the important dedicated time to both engage and be still.

Group Structure and Practicalities

The group will meet 6 times over the course of 3 months. Group members who would like to stay in the group may renew for another three months after one section is complete. In order to create balance and provide space for better connection, a maximum of 15 group members will be accepted at one time. All group meetings will take place over Zoom. A membership fee of $125 will be applied for each 3-month section. I aim to make this group accessible to anyone, if you are interested and certain of your commitment level, but are unable to afford the fee, please contact me to discuss options.

Session Two 2021 Schedule

Session Two is currently under way. We meet on Tuesdays on the following dates: April 20; May 4 and 18; and June 1, 15, and 29. We meet from 13:00 – 14:00 Brussels time. You can confirm what that is in your timezone here.

The May 4 meeting for Session Two will be led by guest speaker Megan Barnes Zesati, LCSW who will support us in looking at mindfulness-based strategies for addressing the realities of post-pandemic life and building resilience to burnout and overwhelm.

Session Three 2021 Schedule – Join Now!

Session Three will start in September 2021. We meet on Mondays on the following dates: Sept. 13 and 27; Oct. 11 and 25; and Nov. 8 and 22. Meetings will be held from 13:00 – 14:00 Brussels time. You can confirm what that is in your timezone here.

If you are not currently a group member and are interested in joining Session Three, please go to my contact page and send me a message. In the message section, please let me know why you’re interested in the group and share a bit about your current mindfulness practice. In most cases, I will request that you schedule a short meeting with me before joining the group.

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