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A Short Guided Body Scan Meditation

This short, guided body scan meditation is about 15 minutes long. It includes a brief introduction followed by the meditation. It can be done seated, standing or lying down. A body scan meditation is an excellent way to check in with your body during periods of...

Mindful Mornings Virtual Group for Expat Moms

Are you ready for a different way to wake up? The Mindful Mornings Virtual Group for Expat Moms is a non-therapeutic communal support and learning opportunity for expat mothers. I first offered the Mindful Mornings Group as an in-person program in Tokyo and then in...

Mindfulness Practices for Uncertain Times

Everything is so up in the air! The uncertainty of our times – from Covid, to hurricanes, to elections, to economic craziness – just keeps growing. It’s times like these when we benefit from better understanding our own natural tendencies towards scrambling for...

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