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A Guided Meditation for Waiting

Why a guided meditation for waiting? Because I started to write this month’s blog post on waiting and couldn't focus my mind. We are all, every one of us, no matter where we are in the world, waiting. Waiting for test results. Waiting not to get sick. Waiting for the...

Happy 7th Anniversary World Tree Coaching!

World Tree Coaching is 7 years old this month! Every year on my business anniversary, I take time to reflect on the lessons of the past year. Do I need to tell you that this year has been…incredible…intense…outrageous? It seems less-than-interesting to do a complete...

A Short Guided Body Scan Meditation

This short, guided body scan meditation is about 15 minutes long. It includes a brief introduction followed by the meditation. It can be done seated, standing or lying down. A body scan meditation is an excellent way to check in with your body during periods of...

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