Summer can be a wonderful time to pursue coaching. Seems strange, right? For many expats, summer is the transition season – which means a lot of upheaval and uncertainty.

But over the years I noticed that my clients do some of their most creative and insightful work over the summer months. Here’s why:

When we transition, travel, visit family or return home – everything looks different. Often we see our former selves, our former lives in contrast to who we’ve become as expats. We’re asked to explain why we do what we do and for how long we’ll continue. We see opinions and habits and perspectives that can feel shockingly different from our own. It can be really overwhelming. We’re bombarded with opportunities for reflection. And, if we can harness that a bit – we begin to see shifts we’d like to make or changes that have long been on the horizon. In short – we see more clearly the things we’d like to work on.

Moreover, this time of the year can also mean that we lose our alone time. We experience a great reduction in personal space. Whether we’re sleeping on couches or sharing bathrooms – we often find we’re without the solitary moments we need in order to feel like ourselves. Coaching gives you 45-minutes per week that is only about you and what you want to work on. Scheduling that time, even when things are hectic, can be an incredible gift and a really powerful way to guarantee some self-care.

This summer, I’d like to make it easier for you to have the time to make the shifts and changes you’ve been hoping to make.

I’m offering 7 discounted coaching spots from May 1 through August 31, 2017. Each participant will receive six, 45-minute coaching sessions at my regular 4-session program rate of $500. This program is not eligible for additional discounts. All sessions must be completed by August 31. Complete your initial registration here.

Questions? Feel free to email me directly.

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