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During times of stress, uncertainty and confusion, we find ourselves digging deep into our well of coping strategies. One of the great privileges of working in mental health, coaching and mindfulness training is that, through the years, I have seen people thrive far beyond what they imagined they could handle.

Being able to tune in mindfully to our experiences is not about finding happiness is every challenging corner of our life story. Rather, it is about practicing each day to be present with what is actually happening. It’s practicing paying attention to our thought patterns and how they may create unnecessary self-judgment or anxiety. It includes paying attention to the messages of our emotions and physical sensations so that we can learn what they may have to teach us. It is turning towards discomfort, not so that we become stuck there, but so that we can become more resilient in the face of it. Take the following passage from mindfulness teacher Jon Kabat-Zinn…

You have the power to affect the balance point between your internal resources for coping with stress and the stressors that are an unavoidable part of living. By exercising this capacity consciously and intelligently, to a large extent you can modulate and minimize the degree of stress you experience. Moreover, rather than having to invent a new way of dealing with every individual stressor that comes up in your life, you can develop a way of dealing with change in general, with problems in general, with pressures in general.

Jon Kabat-Zinn Full Catastrophe Living

I’ve created my Simply Mindful short course with this perspective in mind. How do we learn to build a creative, flexible and open-minded bank of mindfulness strategies we can use each day, so that, when the going gets really tough, we’re more prepared to draw from that set of skills?

What if I’m new to mindfulness?

If you’re new to mindfulness, this course offers a basic foundation for beginning to create a practice that will work for you. I promote an open, understanding and flexible perspective on mindfulness practice and believe that each of us is born with everything we need to become more aware in the moment. This course is the perfect fit if you don’t have prior experience with mindfulness practice, you’ve tried mindfulness before, but found yourself feeling lost or confused and even if you feel like “I am not mindful at all!” Take a look at my perspective on mindfulness and mindfulness practice here.

What if I’m not new to mindfulness?

As an experienced practitioner, you will certainly find some aspects of this course to be reminders of things you already know. However, I find that’s often exactly what we need – to come home to things that we already know make sense in our lives. Because this course is interactive, you will have the support you need to return to and strengthen your practice and find new, creative ways to make it work for you in your life right now.

Course Details

  • When: Two 90-minutes sessions, Tuesday, May 12 and 19 at 13:00-14:30 CEST (Brussels time). Check your timezone here.
  • Course Fee: $49 USD
  • Maximum 20 participants
  • Bonus: Two, 30-minute, discounted individual mindfulness coaching sessions after the course ends. Interview required. $200 value for $75 USD.

Course Content

  • Intro to the basic concepts of mindfulness
  • Formal vs. informal practice
  • Strategies for creating a practice that works for your life
  • Resources and tips for maintaining your practice
  • Activities, group discussions and support to help you deepen your understanding


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