My mindfulness meditation practice has long been an important part of my transition to the New Year. However, because mindfulness meditation supports the practice of being in the present moment – it can seem counter intuitive. How can I be here in this moment, while also bringing awareness of the past and present?

It is important to remember that mindfulness meditation is not about ignoring the past or future. We are deeply connected to our past experiences. And, we’re pulled into our thoughts about the unknown future. That’s all part of being human!

The gift of our mindfulness meditation practice is that it offers us the opportunity to cultivate awareness of the present moment – no matter what we’re doing. I find this useful when I set aside time for my end-of-the-year reflection. In fact, I can’t imagine doing so without the insights provided through both formal and informal mindfulness practice.

What does that look like?

Mindfulness to Support Your New Year Reflections

My mindfulness practice enables me to turn my attention to thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations as I reflect. I may notice feelings of sadness or joy. I may feel nostalgia and become aware of warmth in my body as I remember the year past. Likewise, as I consider the year ahead, my mindfulness practices offer helpful “information” about what I am experiencing. I may not be “meditating” in the strictest sense, but I am engaging with in-the-moment awareness. As a result, the reflection practice becomes more embodied. I become more open to seeing whatever comes up. And as a result, I find more opportunities for growth and learning.

In other words, just because we’re setting aside time to reflect, doesn’t mean we can’t benefit from mindfulness or incorporate our practices into that process. In fact – doing so can make our reflections all the more meaningful.

A Guided Meditation for the New Year

This year, I am happy to share a short, guided mindfulness meditation practice for the New Year. I invite you to listen to the practice as you set aside time to reflect on 2021 and the shift to 2022. What thoughts, feelings, or physical sensations do you notice? What insights can you gain from reflecting more mindfully?

Looking Ahead to 2022

Here are some simple meditation practices and reminders you might find useful to start 2022 off on more mindful footing. These accessible, daily practices for integrating informal practice into your life are also a great place to start.

Would you like to bring more mindfulness into 2022? Join the Globally Mindful Practice Community Group or my next MBSR Course. Get in touch to sign up or learn more.

Happy New Year!

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