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The Mindful Mornings Virtual Group for Expat Moms is a non-therapeutic communal support and learning opportunity for expat mothers. I first offered the Mindful Mornings Group as an in-person program in Tokyo and then in early 2020 hosted the first virtual group. This has become one of my favorite offerings and I’m thrilled to be hosting the group again – now for the third time.

You may be asking…

In my work with individual clients and in providing workshops in mindfulness, I consistently hear the same words from almost every mom I encounter…

How do I become more mindful of who I am with my children?

How do I parent the way I want to when no one really understands what I’m going through?

Where in the world do I access an inner sense of calm when rage is always bubbling right beneath the surface?

What am I supposed to do when I feel like I’ve completely lost my way?

And in a year like 2020, you might also be asking…

How can I teach my children the importance of values when there is so much information coming at us?

What does it look like to fully embody the person I want to be and also meet others where they’re at…even when I feel I’m barely hanging on?

How do I accept that I’m already doing enough, when it never feels like quite enough?

Why mornings?

Because so much depends, or seems to depend, on how we start out our day. If we can connect mindfully and with presence in those first few moments – to, as I often say to group members, “just zip up the jacket, nothing else” – then perhaps we give ourselves the opportunity to be a bit more mindful with the next task, upset, cup of coffee or hug that comes our way.

Moreover, while this ability to connect in the moment is true no matter your life circumstances, for expats it offers an especially important opportunity for creating stability and insight when everything else is up in the air.

Of course, in this virtual group, you may be joining us in your evening, your afternoon, or in the wee hours of the night. But, the premise remains – starting your day more in-tune with what’s happening both inside and out, enables you to be more present no matter the time of day. Simply put, morning is a nice time to start and may help you in more readily accessing a more mindful presence throughout the day.

Why mindfulness?

Because mindfulness is not something we take from the outside and apply to our lives. Mindfulness lives inside us. We’re born with all of the skills we need, we’ve simply forgotten how to bring them into our lives each day. Mindfulness is hopeful and present. It’s something we all need more of. Moreover, the spirit of this group is one of sangha – community. I believe, since we all have the practice of mindfulness alive in us somewhere, we grow into our highest and best selves when we share that learning with others. You can read more about what mindfulness means to me here.


This virtual 6 session, weekly support group will provide you the opportunity to connect with other expat moms around the common purpose of accessing a more connected, mindful presence in your personal journey as a mother and partner within the framework of the unique challenges of the expat experience.

Each session will consist of guided meditation, a mindfulness practice learning opportunity for the week, gentle coaching support and guidance all in the company of a supportive community of other mothers with whom to share your experiences, challenges, goals and intentions.

All sessions will be conducted in real time via Zoom. You’ll get to know the other program participants almost as if you were sharing a coffee around your dining room table. You’ll also receive twice weekly emails with additional resources and support.


  • The program consists of six, 90-minute weekly sessions conducted via Zoom so you can join from wherever you are in the world. We’ll meet on the following dates: November 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 and December 7. All meetings are from 11:00 – 12:30 Central European Time. Confirm what that is in your timezone here.
  • An application is required to join the program. Please complete your application here.
  • Total program fee – $150 USD. Please note, the program fee is a membership fee to join the group. No refunds will be provided for missed sessions. If you’re considering applying, please check your schedule and confirm that you plan to attend at least 4 of the 6 sessions.
  • Space is limited to 10 participants.
  • Contact me with questions or schedule a time to chat with a free, 30-minute pre-registration interview.

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