How many times have you heard this statement, “How awesome that you can work from anywhere in the world! You’re so lucky! You must love it!”

There are so many wonderful aspects of being able to work from home, telework or run your own globally portable business as an expat and especially as an expat partner, trailing spouse, or accompanying partner…whatever it is we’re called these days.

The flexibility. The sense of purpose and professional freedom. Not having to work in the same building as your partner whose job has brought you to this strange land. You have no commute! You can work in your pajamas and pick your kids up from school…and be a room parent…if that’s your thing. Expat life is arranged around this dynamic – one person with the flexible, adaptable, let’s-take-a-summer-vacation schedule. It’s perfect!



It is so hard to stay focused. 

You may feel the burden of an inconsistent income and be disheartened and overwhelmed with the process of making new professional contacts each time you move. 

You may find yourself spun up in your head about which rules to follow and which taxes to pay and what country is really your country of “residence.”

At times you miss the opportunity to bounce ideas off colleagues who are in the same time zone. Geez, even wandering over to your co-worker’s cubicle to talk about the most recent episode of Mrs. Maisel, or Outlander, or the Game of Thrones finale seems like a distant memory.

There are so many distractions. Laundry, food, Facebook, the news. 

It can be lonely. 

And branching out into a new field!? It’s a whole additional layer of uncertainty. If you’re doing something totally new, you may feel like a total imposter. 

I get it. I really, really get it!

And there’s hope.

In my own journey as an expat partner and portable business owner, I’ve shared your struggles (I STILL share these struggles), but there is one set of skills that have consistently helped me move through these challenges – learning to practice mindful leadership. 

Mindfulness is the ability to see what’s happening in your mind, heart and body, as it’s happening and then engage with it from a position of curiosity. We all have the ability to tap into this, even if that skillset seems dormant in your life right now. This means learning to first recognize when something is up, then deciding to take a position of reflection before choosing the right action to make the shifts you want to make. I call this the 3 Rs and it’s the foundation of the mindfulness-based leadership program – Personal Leadership

Mindful Leadership?

You might be thinking, “Leadership? But, I work on my own.” You know what? Whether you’re working with a large organization or a team of one – your ability to tap in to your own inner guide is about creating outside actions that reflect your inner strengths. It’s about clearly seeing what’s happening in your heart, mind and body so that you can access all the important information you need to lead from within. That’s mindful leadership!

Learning these important skills and the everyday mindfulness practices that support them offers you an entirely new way to engage professionally. And, when you’re working on your own, outside the normal structure of day-to-day life, they’re even more important!

Mindful Leadership for the Portable Office

That’s why I am so happy to announce the webinar series – Mindful Leadership for the Portable Office.

If you’ve made lists, taken professional development classes, talked, shared, complained and are still not finding the focus you wish you had in your globally mobile professional life, this program has your name all over it! Learning these skills and the practical, accessible, real-world ways to apply them will be a game-changer. I’m not kidding. You’re gonna’ wish you’d had this forever.


  • Session Dates: This program includes 4, one-hour Zoom webinar sessions on the following dates: February 5, 12, 19 and 26 from 2:30 – 3:30 CET. Click here to see what this is in your time zone.
  • Program Fee: Early Bird through January 10 – $200 USD; January 11-31 – $250 USD.
  • What: In each session, we’ll focus in on the one thing that is most impacting you right now (stress, work/life balance, money troubles, distractions, whatever!) and we’ll learn how to apply the principles of Personal Leadership with specific mindfulness practices and simple tools that you can use on the spot and exactly at the moments you most need them. My webinars are engaging, reflective, fun, supportive and dynamic. You’ll be in a live class, with real people, having an actual conversation. Space is limited to 15 participants.
  • Extras: Between sessions you will receive emails with resources, tips for applying what you’re learning in your real life, questions to inspire deeper learning and exclusive handouts and program materials.
  • Session Recordings: I highly recommend attending the live sessions as doing so offers the opportunity to ask questions and learn from your fellow participants. However, I absolutely understand that things come up and I’d hate for you to miss this wonderful learning opportunity. Recordings of the live sessions will be made available on my online course platform for those who cannot attend a live session. Free registration to the Teachable platform will be required to view them.
  • Individualized Support: Think you might want to deepen your learning individually or want some extra support if you’ve missed the live sessions? Participants can add two, 30-minute individual coaching sessions with me for just $75. This option is available until April 30, 2020.


Register for this webinar series here. Once you’ve filled in the form you will receive an email with the details you need to finalize your registration.


I’d love to help you decide if this program is the right fit for you. Email me.

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