I’m so behind on getting this latest episode of Life, Money and Globetrotting up here on the blog! We’ve moved (again!) and it always seems to take its toll on my professional focus. I’ll admit it – like most people I think I’m a much better multi-tasker than I actually am!

In this episode (our fourth) we talked about Creating a Sense of Home. I love this topic! I am one of those people who thoroughly believes that home is where the heart is. If you can find peace and belonging with yourself, you can bring that into every aspect of your life – no matter where you go. I loved hearing Hui-chin’s perspective on living and working across cultures as a multi-lingual, multi-cultural Tawainese-American and how that colors her sense of home – from food, to work to clothing and everything in between. I also enjoyed sharing tips from my own experience and from that of my most successful clients on how to create a sense of home even as you face move after move after move.

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Thanks for joining us! Our August episode will be live on August 25 at 9PM Tokyo time (GMT +9) and 8AM EST. In Episode 5, we’ll be taking a look at Failure. What does it mean to fail in money and in life? How do we redefine failure so that it works better for us moving forward? How do we come back after our mistakes, big and small?

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