I have a confession to make. In the midst of transitioning into our new life in Japan, I almost forgot that World Tree Coaching turns two this month! And now I’m like – WHAT!? Another year passed!?

I couldn’t be happier to be celebrating the beginning of year three here in Japan. I was so incredibly fortunate this year to work with and meet some of the best expats around. Every one of my clients taught me something about how very gifted expats are at adapting, reflecting, questioning and saying yes to this big adventure called life. This year I also had the opportunity to attend the Families in Global Transition Conference where I met a whole new host of smart, thoughtful and talented people from around the world. I can’t imagine a better group of clients and colleagues.

I think the biggest success of this past year was my Foundation Focus Package. While I knew the activities and support would be a great asset to my clients, I was pleasantly surprised to see how much fun my clients were having doing the work. And the Foundation Focus Groups? Amazing! Who knew putting a handful of people together in a room with coffee (or a glass of wine for those evening sessions) could be so rewarding.

This past year I also committed to making writing a major part of my work/life model. I (finally!) converted The Expat Activity Book to Kindle and am enjoying seeing my sales continue and hearing about the positive impact the book has had. Another major goal I set for myself was to work on having some of my pieces published in other blogs and magazines.

I feel incredibly blessed to have had two of my pieces published to a wider audience. You can read Cultivating Mindfulness in the Expat Lifestyle (from the May/June issue of Global Living Magazine) here and my blog post When All You Can Do Is Breathe on the Tiny Buddha blog here. I’ve also contributed a piece on mindfulness for the upcoming AAFSW published book – Raising Kids in the Foreign Service. Look for it soon on Amazon. It’s set to include many fantastic chapters by and for FS parents!

I like taking this time each year to reflect back on what has happened over the past twelve months. Honestly, running one’s own worldwide business is not always candy and bunny rabbits (or, errr, paychecks), but it presents me with incredible freedom, opportunities for creativity and, the highlight, the chance to meet some of the very best people in the world. I love my job! Jeez – I hesitate to even call it a job…it rarely (if ever) feels like work. I am fortunate to have the chance to meet and share with so many wonderful people. So, ya’, did I mention the people?

It’s a life of ups and downs and everything in between, but it really is a great place to be.

And, if you’ve ever considered coaching, I bet I have something that’s just the right fit for you. I work with clients all over the world via phone, Skype, FaceTime and in person.

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Curious, but not sure? These questions might help:

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have someone whose job it is to support you, to hear your story, to offer feedback, to help you sort through all the clutter and to hold you accountable when you take those first steps towards what’s next?

Are you interested in finally moving forward with something you’ve been mulling over for months or even years?

Do you think it might be time to have your own personal cheerleader to back you up in following your heart, listening to your gut and trusting your intuition?

Do you have absolutely no idea what you want next out of life, but you’d love to set aside time each week to explore what could be next?

 These are all great reasons to pursue coaching!

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