title image to show this is a guided mountain meditation

This guided mountain meditation is a lovely way to connect in the moment, to inspire a sense of presence, self-compassion or inner strength for a difficult moment. In essence, it is a reminder that you, just like the mountain, have all you need within you to face transition, challenge and uncertainty. It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes by John O’Donohue from his book Anam Cara, “Yet everything we need for our journey has already been given to us.”

We have everything we need, yet it’s normal to doubt that truth. Often we find ourselves feeling like we’re living each day on shaky ground. Moreover, even when we feel as though we’re taking good care of ourselves, setting aside time to rest, and to connect with loved ones, it can still seem as though we take two steps forward and then one step back.

This, uncertainty, however, is in and of itself a form of certainty. When we remember that we are here and fully present – even as things change – we become more like the mountain. This guided mountain meditation offers you that reminder.

To listen to this guided mountain meditation here.

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