About Coaching

Coaching is a professional relationship between two individuals. In the coaching relationship, the coach and client (sometimes called the coachee) work together in an environment of creativity, openness, non-judgement, curiosity and responsibility. The coach helps to protect and provide a space for the client to think outside the box, to consider something he or she has not previously considered and to access his or her own, unique abilities. Coaching is the conversations, the development and the growth that happen in this space.
Almost anyone could seek out coaching. In my practice, clients come to me ready to work. They are typically high-functioning, reflective, creative and passionate. Most of the time my clients have already done a lot of personal work – they value personal growth and have already made, or have tried to make, steps toward their ideal life.
There are probably as many different answers to this question as there are coaches. However, I believe that the best coaches adhere to a set of guiding principles that focus on the strengths of the client and their inner ability to discover and live the life they want. I believe that the best coaches recognize the endless possibilities that await their clients when they choose to live life on purpose every day.
Yes. The International Coach Federation sets the Code of Ethics.
International Coach Federation
All members of the ICF and coaches certified through the ICF pledge to adhere to these guidelines. The Code of Ethics is quite lengthy so I do not include it in its entirety here, but you can read it here.
I am credentialed by the International Coach Federation as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC). I am also member of the International Coach Federation and I am a graduate of the Coach U Core Essentials Program.
International Coach Federation

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