Being an expat coach means I get to meet and work with some really incredible people. As a result, I’ve come to believe that every single globally mobile person comes with a whole amazing set of gifts and abilities. Lots of these talents we don’t even notice because we just get so used to thinking that this lifestyle is normal. Every day, people just like you are tuning in, paying attention, learning new things and forging a path of love, purpose, insight and growth in every imaginable corner of the globe. And I really want you to know who they are and hear what they have to say.

So – in this series – I interview everyday expats – what I like to think of as ‘non-expert experts’ – on monthly themes highlighting all the ways in which small gifts of intention, attention and intuition can make a big difference in a life lived around the world.

You can tune in here each month for new episodes or go directly to my YouTube channel.