Discounted Coaching Programs

For US Foreign Service and Military

As a member of the US Foreign Service community I recognize the financial challenges that often come from being posted overseas, moving frequently, or being separated from your spouse or partner. In an effort to better meet the needs of our communities in service, I offer a 10% discount to US Foreign Service and Military family members. Please note – combining this reduced rate with a seasonal offer reduces the FS/Military discount to 5%.

Seasonal Offers

Periodically throughout the year I offer additional discounts. You can learn more about what I have going on now, here. Please note – seasonal offers combined with my regular US Foreign Service/Military discount reduces the FS/Military discount to 5% (in other words, add an additional 5% off the amount of any seasonal offers).

Referral Program

I love coaching and I adore my clients. It brings me great joy to receive referrals from previous clients. All former clients can refer up to 3 clients at a 10% discount on the program of their choosing. Foreign Service and Military community referrals receive a 5% discount on top of their already discounted rate of 10% (for a total discount of 15%). This discount cannot be combined with seasonal offers.


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