This week I accomplished a major goal I had set for myself back in September. I completed the Coach U Core Essentials Coach Training Program and logged the necessary coaching hours to graduate. It felt really good to have set a goal for myself and have completed it – especially given the major life changes my family and I were handling in the middle of it all. I patted myself on the back. I carefully and fully marked through the lines on my agenda that said, “Take final exam” and “submit graduation paperwork.” Then, I got on with the rest of the week.

On Wednesday I met with my mentor. At first I forgot to even mention that I had graduated. When I did finally remember to tell her, she said, “And what did you do to celebrate?” Celebrate? Ummm…well…nothing. And then I got to thinking – I don’t really celebrate much at all. Actually, let’s put it this way – I live more or less in a constant mode of celebration. I do celebrate life and all of its ups and downs every single day. I take time to stop and smell the roses. I spend time doing things I love. I make time for things like pedicures and massages and date nights with my husband.

But, when it comes to celebration for the sake of celebration – I just don’t do it and now I think it’s time I started. It seems to me that celebration is more multifaceted than I first envisioned. I’m a dedicated celebrator of the accomplishments of my kids, my clients, my husband, my friends, my family and life in general. I think what my coach was getting at when she asked me about my celebration habits was more about drawing out an even deeper layer of richness to life and, perhaps even more importantly, making those experiences a part of my everyday mindset. In other words, living life to the fullest is great (and constitutes a form of celebration), but perhaps I’ve neglected to build on that.

My coach’s suggestion was to make a Celebration Menu complete with appetizers (which I think could be small, little celebrations), entrees (heftier, more substantial celebratory activities) and desserts (maybe the most indulgent of celebrations). I love this idea! I love it as way to really stretch my brain to expand the notion of celebration. I like the idea of including things I’ve said for years I want to do and rewarding hard work with pure fun, joy or soulfulness.

So, I’m including my Celebration Menu below. Now, I’m curious – what would yours include?


Get a pedicure at a nice spa instead of the place down the road that does a good job, but plays soap operas on the TV and smells like polish remover.

Get an afternoon coffee and sit and read at the coffee shop.

Buy $10 worth of cute office supplies (I’m obsessed with office supplies…and they’re a tax write off)

Take the kids to Dairy Queen to share in the celebration.


Go on a fancy date night – not a typical jeans and t-shirt date night.

Invite a few friends out for drinks and dinner – my treat!

Take a hip-hop dance class.

Go shopping by myself.

Spend an entire day with my husband, walking and talking.

Take all day to do an art or sewing project – uninterrupted by work or children.


Attend a 2 or 3-day meditation retreat.

Spend $50-$100 on something really special that I would love to have, but would not normally buy.

See a play.

Go to a concert.

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