Kids on the Move

About the Book

Are they going to hate me when they grow up?

Am I ruining their chances of having stable relationships?

Do the benefits outweigh the costs here?

Is this kid okay?

Most of us, at one time or another, have asked these questions. Even when we’re confident that our family structure is tight, that we’re providing a loving and secure home environment, that we’re do everything “right” – these questions can still nag us.

It’s because, as a parent, a teacher, a counselor or a friend of a Third Culture Kid (TCK) or any kid living between worlds, we can’t get inside their heads. We can’t predict the future and we can’t know without a shadow of a doubt that everything will work out okay.

We’re not here to promise you that it will.

But, what we do offer in Kids on the Move: 25 Activities to Help Kids Connect, Reflect and Thrive Around the World, is an opportunity for children to learn how to turn towards the experiences that they’re having.

A growing body of mental health research points to the fact that it’s not our ability to sail through challenges that matters, but rather our ability to develop the insight, self-compassion and curiosity to get up close and personal with our experiences and to learn from what we find there – even when the going gets tough.

Kids on the Move is co-authored with expat mom of 4, teacher, yoga instructor and founder of After School Plans, Leah Evans. Modeled after The Expat Activity BookKids on the Move gives you, your children or children with whom you work an invaluable set of 25 activities designed to foster that insight, self-compassion and curiosity. It facilitates connection, reflection and inquiry so that a life lived between worlds becomes truly a life of opportunity.

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What People Are Saying…

“As an Adult TCK and a TCK parent myself, I find this is an excellent resource to share with your kids because it helps them to understand their unique world experiences and encourages them to stand out in new and different ways!”

~ Mariam Ottimofiore: Expat Writer & Author at ‘And Then We Moved To

“Wow! This is a comprehensive and practical book for third-culture kids looking to process the complexities of their moving experiences. I will definitely refer families that I work with to this book.”

~ Kate Berger, MSc Child & Adolescent Psychologist; Founder of The Expat Kids Club

Kids on the Move is a terrific activity book for anyone who is trying to unpack emotions with their children as they prepare to move to another culture. It provides you with the language and topics you’ll ned to start those vital family conversations.”

~ Jan Cremeans Nelson; Educator

“What I love about this book is that it not only encourages kids to think about and remember their lives in their current country, but that the exercises encourage children to get to know themselves better. Being able to recognize and name their feelings empowers children to play an active role in dealing with moving, which sets them up for a more successful transition. I wish I had this book when I moved around as a child!”

~ Lucille Adendanon; Writer and Storyteller at ‘Expitterpattica

“Having a copy of Kids on the Move with you is like traveling with a trusted family friend who is close to your child and who asks all the right questions. Written with the wisdom and perspective of a grown-up who ‘gets it,’ Kids on the Move allows a space for kids to explore, discover and express themselves as TCKs.”

~ Megan Barnes Zesati, LCSW; Psychotherapist, Globally Mobile Mom of Twins

“Kids on The Move is by far the best compilation of activities I have seen published to help families on the go.  It is both a reachable and thought provoking way to help children thrive within an ever changing world.”

~ Tami Nelson, PsyD, Doctor of Clinical Psychology, Therapy Solutions Abroad

“Parents and kids will enjoy the themes of celebration in this book – adventure, family, roots, and community – while also appreciating support for the tricky times of loneliness, anxiety, and trepidation. Kids on the Move belongs in the hands of all children who are growing up between cultures.”

~ Jen Moorefield Schwanke; Principal, Author

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