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Insights and Reflections on Expat Life
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“Hello Friend…” Expat Friendship in the time of COVID

“Hello friend. How are you doing?” During the COVID-19 crisis this little message – both sent and received – from friends all over the world has become the lifeline to our shared humanity, struggle, anxiety and curious wonder at what is happening around the world. The...

All Things Being Equal: Love, Longing and Equanimity in Expat Life

The other day my 7-year old daughter asked me, “Why do I miss you even when you’re right here?” This deeply heartfelt question rings in my ears as we approach what is often thought of as a month dedicated to love. Her globally mobile life defines how she sees the...

Welcome to 2020! Reflections & Questions for the New Year

Welcome to 2020!  Every year I take this moment, as we step into the new year, to offer my reflections for the year past, what I’m thinking about for the year ahead and above all else, to share a few questions that I’m thinking about in hopes that they will help...

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