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Insights and Reflections on Expat Life
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Webinar: Mindful Leadership for the Portable Office

How many times have you heard this statement, “How awesome that you can work from anywhere in the world! You’re so lucky! You must love it!” There are so many wonderful aspects of being able to work from home, telework or run your own globally portable business as an...

5 Things to Get Moving On Your Goals Right Now

Life transitions can be either a wonderful opportunity to bring your goals to the forefront and take a leap into your next exciting adventure. Or, they can be a serious blow to your goal-setting intentions. Sometimes they can be both at once. I like to think that the...

Expat Life, Confusion and the Road to Clarity

Whew! I’m less than 24 hours out of my first silent, mindfulness meditation retreat and I can’t decide if it feels like it never happened or if the stillness and sense of calm I accessed there are actually lurking somewhere behind this pile of emails and family...

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