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Examining an Autumn Leaf – Insights on Intercultural Communication

It’s autumn here in Brussels and I’ve become obsessed with the changing colors of the leaves. I grew up in Texas, we didn’t really have fall like this – the vibrancy and complexity of colors covering every inch, from the tip-tops of the trees to the carpet being laid...

Six Life Lessons for a Whole Bunch of Anniversaries

Today is my birthday! My 43rd birthday to be exact. This blog post is being written in bits and pieces throughout the day. It seems an apt reflection of my life right now – gladly pulled into the draw of lots of things that bring me joy. Sometimes wondering if it's a...

Five Daily Mantras That Will Help Ease Expat Chaos

I’m convinced the rate of injury and loss increase exponentially in the early phases of an expat move. It's a particular type of expat chaos. It's the sense that no matter what you do something will be left out, forgotten, or broken. There's just so much going on in...

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