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5 Things to Get Moving On Your Goals Right Now

Life transitions can be either a wonderful opportunity to bring your goals to the forefront and take a leap into your next exciting adventure. Or, they can be a serious blow to your goal-setting intentions. Sometimes they can be both at once. I like to think that the...

Expat Life, Confusion and the Road to Clarity

Whew! I’m less than 24 hours out of my first silent, mindfulness meditation retreat and I can’t decide if it feels like it never happened or if the stillness and sense of calm I accessed there are actually lurking somewhere behind this pile of emails and family...

Mindful Mornings Virtual Group for Expat Moms

Are you ready for a different way to wake up? The Mindful Mornings Virtual Support Group for Expat Moms is a non-therapeutic communal support and learning opportunity for expat mothers. Originally offered as an in-person program in Tokyo, I invite you to join me for...

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