Activity Book Support Sessions

Have you purchased The Expat Activity Book? Do you find yourself wanting to process what you’ve learned in a specific activity? Do you think you’d benefit from some guidance on where to go next based on the outcome of one of the activities?

A single, one-on-one session is the perfect fit for those of you who’ve been working through the exercises in my book The Expat Activity Book, but need just a bit more guidance.

I offer space for 8 of these 45-minute, single-sessions per month. The Activity Book Support Sessions are designed to dive deeper into what you’ve learned in a single activity and then give you the focus needed to put your new insight to work for you each and every day.

Activity Book Support Sessions are limited to 4 one-on-one sessions per client per 12-month period. If you feel like you need more than one session, would like to focus deeper on a specific activity or would like ongoing support with several activities, check out my Create Your Own Package program here.

Cost: $65

Ready to get started? Click “Buy Now” to purchase a session. After making your purchase you will receive an email from me with additional instructions.

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