Mantra Builder

Do the decisions you make line up with what matters most to you? Do you really know what matters most?

With every decision you make (from the simplest to the most life-changing) you should be able to see the ways in which your choices are in line with your values.

But let’s be honest, that sounds a little overwhelming doesn’t it? I mean are you going to analyze your personal values every, single time you make a decision? Probably not.

But, what would happen if you were able to learn how to look at your wants and needs in a structured, thoughtful and insightful way, so that your values could be summed up in a few simple words?

If it were easier to connect your decisions to your values –

Would you be able to eliminate the pressure to do it all?

Would you find professional creativity and freedom that has eluded you for too long?

Would you be the partner, friend or parent you envision yourself to be?

Would you take better care of yourself?

With my Mantra Builder Program you will learn some surprisingly easy skills that you can use again and again – throughout your life. That’s right – forever. That sounds nice doesn’t it? Learn it now – have the skills F-O-R-E-V-E-R.

In four 45-minute, weekly sessions, we will look at what matters most to you, what values are reflected in your wants, needs, passions and interests and then I’ll support you in putting all that together into your personal mantra.

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Here’s what’s included:

  • 4, 45-minute coaching sessions with me
  • 3 worksheets designed to help you focus in on what matters most and support you in building your personal mantra
  • Homework (that’s where you do the worksheets)


$500 (Click here to read about my discount program for US Foreign Service and Military family members)

Ready to get started?

Email me at You’ll hear from me via email within 48 hours.

What People Are Saying…

By reflecting what I was saying and asking pointed questions it helped me to find things that I was thinking and feeling but wasn’t able to articulate myself and made me really question and explore my thoughts as well. You were also incredibly supportive and encouraging which allowed me to feel confident in myself and my ideas as I developed my focus/mantra. 

D.C.; Morocco; Age 41


I valued just being able to say some of this stuff out loud to someone. Getting organized in a way that I have a written plan now of things I need. Taking the time to think about my needs and seeing what I have and what I need. I liked being able to connect with someone who has walked in my shoes and truly understands first hand the big trials of transition and being in the foreign service. You are a very good listener. 

A. Thompson


Mantra Builder helped me to spell out more clearly my needs for a happy, more balanced life, and put more focus on emotional, spiritual, emotional needs. I didn’t realize how much I like to ‘play’ until you pointed it out! Jodi, you’re very easy to talk with and very good at ‘gentle nudging’ to pull out thoughts and information.

Kathy, USA; Editor/Foreign Service Family Member


You are an excellent listener, and talking openly with you made me feel safe, as if anything is possible. 

Foreign Service Officer, US Dept. of State; Age 40


During our sessions, I realized that I was identifying a lot of “big” wants that simply were unattainable at this time, in this lifestyle. While those things were/are important to me, leaving no room on the list for attainable things and focusing solely on a wish list was affecting my outlook negatively. Looking at those wants and figuring out how I could modify them to fit my reality today made me feel more positive. Those shifts moved me away from feeling disappointed and frustrated to feeling empowered with purpose.

Sarah; USA; Age 36


The sessions helped me zero in on aspects of my life that really matter to me.

Michelle; USA; Age 38


You got me thinking about what I need in this lifestyle and gave me the tools to start making changes. I feel like my entire outlook on life has changed. You gave me the keys to unlock my own happiness. Thank you! Mantra Builder went above and beyond!

Foreign Service Spouse


You are awesome. I felt relaxed and comfortable speaking with you. You were a great listener and really heard what I had to say. I was able to really take the time and think of the stuff that mattered the most to me. Then being able to verbalize to my husband my feelings or thoughts. I learned that it was ok to have certain feelings, i.e anxiety or sadness, especially being relatively new with to this lifestyle.

Christine; USA


Thank you for creating an opportunity for me to speak frankly without fear of judgement or misunderstanding. It can be difficult and not flattering for women to speak boldly about their abilities and desires particularly when it comes to their obligations as an FS spouse and mother. I appreciate being able to lament to you my feeling of loss regarding my career and value in this area. And then being able to translate that into action.

You exude great qualities: patience, listening, kindness, relating to people, understanding
Your scheduling calendar is fantastic and very accommodating. I love the email confirmation and reminders. Your knowledge of the expat life was key to wanting to work with you.

Danielle; Expat, Foreign Service Spouse, Professional; Age 38


Working with you helped me dig through the layers of things that occupy my mind to find the core of what matters most to me and deserves my attention. Finding that foundation for me was extremely clarifying and put all my other wants/needs/tasks into perspective. 

You not only made the space comfortable to share my feelings, concerns, fears, but you listened fully and were able to reflect back what you heard in ways that helped me hear myself and see myself better. You provided helpful, practical guidance on next steps to take each time we met.

Christine; Age 45


You really listened to us and gave us great direction. It felt very tailored to us.

Nicole; USA


Jodi is insightful, organized, and professional. Just when I felt “stuck” Jodi offered a new way of looking at things or approaching it and got me back on track again. I really enjoyed the experience and insight.

Sharon Miracle-Harris, Corporate Communications Director – TreeTop; USA; Age 55

With Mantra Builder I learned to trust in myself, that I am more valuable than I perceive myself to be and that this lifestyle is pretty great after all.


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