8-Session Mantra Builder Plus

Feeling like you’re stuck and need some serious, intense and very specific support? Are you interested in creating a personal mantra and then ready to get down to business right away?

I recommend all of my clients start with four Mantra Builder sessions. With this 8-session program, your final 4 sessions will put what you’ve learned to work. We work together to help you decide how you’d like to do that. The focus area is entirely up to you, but many clients focus on topics like:

  • Maintaining relationship balance in the expat life
  • Getting off the reinvention roller coaster
  • Reducing stress, worry and anxiety
  • Living with a sense of purpose

What’s Included:

  • a FREE 30-minute initial consultation
  • 8, 45-minute one-on-one coaching sessions that include 3 Mantra Builder worksheets to help you develop your personal mantra
  • All coaching sessions must be completed within 12 weeks of the initial start date.


$900 (Click here to learn more about discounts for US Foreign Service and Military family members)

Email me at jodi@worldtreecoaching.com to schedule your FREE 30-minute initial consult.

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