Welcome to World Tree Coaching

Welcome to World Tree Coaching

Why World Tree?

I help people find home no matter where life takes them.

Through one-on-one coaching, programs in mindfulness and Personal Leadership® for individuals and organizations, and online courses World Tree Coaching specializes in supporting, embracing and honoring the life path of the globally mobile.

At World Tree Coaching, a life lived between cultures and around the world is seen as an asset to helping you reach your dreams and create balance in all aspects of your life while fostering deep and empowering relationships. I help you embrace the benefits of your unique life path to find strength, connection, a sense of peace and happiness.

No matter where you are in your nomadic journey, when you work with me, you will feel supported, engaged and challenged within an open, fun, creative and accepting space.

The World Tree, an ancient spiritual and religious symbol, perfectly captures my belief that living between cultures offers an incredible gift of learning. It represents strength and sustenance. It symbolizes stretching up to the heavens, grounding down to the Earth and reaching out for the experiences that surround us.

Welcome! I’m so very glad you’ve come and I look forward to helping you succeed at every turn.



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