to show who is the teacher offering the guided meditation for waiting

Why a guided meditation for waiting? Because I started to write this month’s blog post on waiting and couldn’t focus my mind. We are all, every one of us, no matter where we are in the world, waiting. Waiting for test results. Waiting not to get sick. Waiting for the election, Brexit, immigration, relocation, a baby, for things to get better, to hug our friends. Waiting. And more waiting. It’s a lot to handle.

As I was wondering what I might write about the topic of waiting, considering I’m waiting too. I don’t have the answers. I, like you, am uncertain of the outcome of the next moments on the horizon. I don’t know where anything is going either.

And yet, I do know the strategies that work for me during times of uncertainty. Bringing my awareness to my breath. Noticing what’s happening in my body. Naming my thoughts and emotions.

Then, it hit me that better than something to read right now, you might prefer an opportunity to actually practice waiting. To support you in that process I’ve created this 20-minute guided meditation for waiting. I hope you’ll find it offers just the pause you’ve needed.

Click here to access the guided meditation for waiting.

A little reminder – anyone can meditate, but sometimes people find they become uncomfortable in meditation. Sometimes these discomforts are worth sitting through; other times they’re a reminder that maybe it’s best to do something else. Only you can make that decision for yourself. If at any point during the meditation you feel it’s not for you – just stop. No judgment, nice and easy.

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