I am happy to be sharing this guided body scan meditation with you. The central mindfulness meditation practice used in the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course is the body scan meditation.

The body scan meditation invites us to shine a light of awareness on the sensations of our body. With a body scan, we are not trying to relax or become more calm (although often that happens anyway), but rather pay attention to what sensations we notice in the body. Sometimes we realize we’re holding tension in a certain place or we adjust or avoid a certain area because of pain or discomfort. The body scan provides the opportunity to pay attention to what we may not notice during our normal, hectic days.

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Click here to access the 45-minute guided body scan meditation.

A little reminder – anyone can meditate, but sometimes people find they become uncomfortable in meditation. Sometimes these discomforts are worth sitting through; other times they’re a reminder that maybe it’s best to do something else. Only you can make that decision for yourself. If at any point during the meditation you feel it’s not for you – just stop. No judgment, nice and easy.

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