Personal Leadership & Mindfulness Workshops and Coaching

I offer workshops in Personal Leadership® (PL) - a mindfulness-based, cross-cultural communication model. PL supports individuals in accessing their own inherent mindfulness and creativity through 6 simple, easy-to-use, everyday mindfulness practices.

In addition to the current programming listed below, I also create custom 3- and 12-week programs for schools, non-profits and businesses. Please contact me directly to see how I might offer this life-changing set of mindfulness tools to your group or team. Click here for more details.


NEW PROGRAM! The Critical Moment Dialogue: Your Go-To Mindfulness Tool for Freaking Out Less

This 6-hour (3 two-hour sessions) program is being offered on a one-time basis at the US Embassy Compound in Tokyo in May 2018. Click here to learn more.

Finding Your Way: Everyday Mindfulness for Critical Moments

An all-online, complete 12-week program to support you in learning practical, everyday mindfulness skills. This program uses the Personal Leadership model. Click here for details.

Mindfulness Skills for Parenting 

This program is currently offered on a per-request basis only. Click here to learn more.

Understanding the Habits of Heart and Mind

Perfect for small groups. In this interactive seminar you will learn basic mindfulness skills for better understanding your thought and emotional habits. The tools presented are designed to help you address stress through conscious, non-judgmental awareness and attention to what is happening in the moment. Click here to learn more.