Support Your Team with Programs on Mindfulness and Personal Leadership®

In 2018, I am expanding my coaching practice to include combined coaching and facilitation programs in mindfulness and Personal Leadership® for businesses, non-profits and schools.

This is a really exciting time for me to be joining my passion for coaching with my love and dedicated belief in the power of mindfulness to create a better world. Mindfulness teaches us how we can lead from within and enables us to meet ourselves and those around us where we're at - honestly and gently - while also holding ourselves (and others) accountable for making positive change. I find the timing couldn't be better. The world needs more people dedicated to connecting inside and out.

After ten years of mindfulness practice, I am happy to have found a theoretical home in the Personal Leadership® method - a mindfulness-based intercultural communication model. While originally designed to help multi-cultural teams develop better teamwork and communication strategies, for me Personal Leadership®, is about helping people see that mindfulness is not simply about sitting on a cushion and saying "Ommmm" - it's about the way we approach each and every day. Read more about how Personal Leadership informs my practice and what mindfulness means to me here.

I specialize in working with individuals and small groups and my work always includes individual coaching for ongoing support. I am especially proud of my work supporting individuals living outside their home cultures. I have 15 years' experience working with immigrants, expats, diplomats and individuals that support these groups as well as a combined 8 years' personal international experience.

If you, your organization or someone you know is interested in learning about mindfulness and Personal Leadership® coaching and facilitation, please contact me to schedule a time to talk more or to receive my 2018 fee schedule.